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                                  In light of Campus closure and as a precautionary measure regarding COVID-19, employees in the College of Performing and Visual Arts are working remotely in an effort to best support our campus community. We ask for your patience as some services may be limited and response time may increase. We appreciate your understanding as we prioritize health and safety. Updates will be published to UNC's COVID-19 information page as the situation develops.


                                  The College of Performing and Visual Arts is home to a dedicated and talented faculty and staff of more than 90 professionals devoted to helping students prepare for careers in the arts. Our current population includes nearly 1300 arts students.

                                  The UNC Arts experience combines the best of the time-honored academy traditions and the most current and forward-thinking ideas in the arts with the liberal arts education of a major university.

                                  We maintain an annual calendar of more than 300 events in a wide variety of genres. These activities are open to the public and members of surrounding communities are invited to share in the excellent offerings of music, theatre, dance, and visual arts.

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                                  The University of Northern Colorado and the College of Performing and Visual Arts has been actively monitoring the rapidly evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and providing regular updates to the UNC community as the situation changes.

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                                  I write to you today with a profound sense of both anger and sadness. 

                                  George Floyd is another victim among countless others who have violently lost their lives or whose lives were threatened because of the color of their skin. This tragic and unnecessary event has once again shined a spotlight on racially motivated violence and systemic discrimination in our society. Around the country, including here in Colorado, people have gathered to protest the deaths, affirm Black lives, denounce systems that allow identity-based violence to persist, and demand change. The anguish and emotion visible in their faces is projected into every home on our televisions and news feeds. 

                                  Our University’s leadership stands in solidarity with those protesting systemic injustices, including police violence, and is committed to addressing systemic oppression, discrimination, and racism on our campus and in our society. 

                                  I have written you in the past to express and reaffirm the values of inclusion and respect that we nurture and fulfill in the UNC community. Now, more than ever, we must live these values fully and take a stand against acts of discrimination and racism. Far too many Bears live in fear of being a target of hate or violence because of their identities 

                                  To echo the words of activist Angela Davis, “In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.” I encourage each of you to join me in my commitment to not just speak out against hatred and bias, but to pursue and implement positive change. As a Community of Bears, we must continue to work together to confront and prevent acts of hate and bias and hold each other and our communities accountable.

                                  I know from deep dialog with colleagues and peers of color that the persistent struggle, compounded by the weight of these recent events, has taxed many of them emotionally and physically—they are exhausted and hurt. They should not bear the burden of striving for justice alone. Now is the time for us all to pick up our paddles and row together toward a more just society that honors and cultivates the value of the lives of all people of color.  


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                                  The School of Art & Design has been a leader in the preparation of distinguished artists and art educators for over 100 years.

                                  The diversity of our faculty’s knowledge translates into an enriching and meaningful classroom involvement that incorporates real-world experience preparing our students for successful and rewarding careers in the arts.

                                  School of Music


                                  The School of Music is a vibrant and vital community of musical performers, composers, scholars, and educators.

                                  With 500 music majors ranging from freshmen to doctoral level, 60 faculty, and 8 staff, the School of Music is actively engaged in creating and learning about music of all styles and genres. Music faculty and students present hundreds of outstanding recitals, concerts, and special events each year.



                                  Named a Colorado Program of Excellence by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education, the School of Theatre Arts & Dance provides pre-professional training for students who plan to pursue careers in professional theatre, or as teachers of theatre arts. Our students gain valuable experience through rigorous academics in the classroom and a wide variety of hands-on opportunities in the theatre arts.

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                                  The gallery program offers students the opportunity to interact with artists, and with classes in arts entrepreneurship and museum studies, you’ll gain practical and hands-on experiences to prepare you for a career in the arts


                                  The Theatre Arts and Dance Programwas named a Colorado Program of Excellence by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education and regularly sends graduates to Broadway and other selective professional performance companies.

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                                  Here, you're an individual with your own unique mix of interests — and our differences are what we have in common.

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                                  Meet Armando and other people just like you.




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                                  School of Art & Design

                                  Learn about the latest gallery exhibitions and talks, student opportunities and achievements, and faculty and alumni news.



                                  School of Music

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                                  School of Theatre Arts & Dance

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                                  We maintain an annual calendar of more than 300 events. These activities are open to the public, and members of surrounding communities are invited to share in the excellent offerings of music, theatre, dance, and visual arts. 

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                                  UC Health

                                  2019-2020 Premier Season Sponsor

                                  The College of Performing and Visual Arts at UNC gratefully acknowledges UCHealth as our Premier Season Sponsor and the official hospital system of the Arts at UNC. UCHealth’s sponsorship funding goes directly to support our students financially, which in turn helps them to become more successful in their pursuit of artistic distinction.

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